1 Area £150
2 Areas £200
3 Areas £250
4 Areas 300
5 Areas 350

Gummy smile correction £150
Dimple/orange peel chin correction £70
Brow lift £200
Neck treatment £300
Bunny lines £70
Smoker’s lines £150

(for the expand/collapse) For a younger looking you, botox provides a fast, safe, and effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. It takes only minutes for the procedure and you see full results in as little as two weeks. Depending on lifestyle factors, the results last three to four months.  

Migraine £300
Back pain
Neck spasms
Excessive sweating

(for the expand/collapse) Botox is a pure protein that can offer excellent relief for pain in the spine, neck, and head. Most often, we treat people who have experienced an injury such as whiplash or who suffer from migraines. Botox for pain offers a non-steroidal treatment approach that can be an effective tool for pain management. 

Lips with 0.5ml £150
Lips with 1ml £200
Cheek augmentation per 1ml £250
Under eye rejuvenation £400
Marionette lines per 1ml £250
Smoker’s lines per 1ml £220
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £300
Chin augmentation £250
Temple rejuvenation per 1ml £250
Naso labial folds £220

(for the expand/collapse) Fillers are excellent for providing subtle, beautiful volume to cheeks and lips. They’re also good for filling the sunken area beneath the eyes that can occur with age and provide lovely enhancement of facial structures with strategic placement around the chin and temples. For example, using fillers around the chin can be used to eliminate the appearance of jowls.

Profhilo skin treatment 2ml x 1 £300
Profhilo skin treatment 2ml x 2 £600
Juvederm Hydrate 2ml x 1 £300
Juvederm Hydrate 2ml x 2 £600

(for the expand/collapse) Skin boosters nourish skin from the inside via micro-injections administered all over the face. The benefits? Improved elasticity, hydration, smoother skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The beautiful results last for up to nine months.  

Plasma Rich Protein - PRP Vampire Facial £180
Mesotherapy £160
Microneedling £160

Thread face lifts are a non-surgical minimally invasive treatments to lift tighten & redefined your facial contours, in an hour, for a results that last up to 18 months.

Our Silhouette Soft and MINT PDO thread face lift procedures combine 2 treatment effects:

  • A discreet and immediate lifting effect to immediately reshape your face.
  • A gradual, natural regeneration of your collagen to restore your natural facial shape long term. 


 Silhouette Soft and Mint Fine are suspension thread sutures which can be used to correct partial skin laxity to achieve a face lift without the downtime associated with surgical face lifts.
Silhouette Soft threads are made from Poly-lactic acid which is slowly absorbed by your body, over 4 months, whilst stimulating the generation of your natural collagen to improve shape and health of your skin.

MINT PDO threads are made from Polydioxanone which is slowly absorbed by your body, over 6 months, whilst stimulating the generation of your natural collagen to improve shape and health of your skin.

Whilst the procedures do provide an instant face lift the optimum results are seen at 6 months and can last last up to 18 months.


Thread face lifts are suitable for men and women who are experiencing sagging facial skin caused by ageing, sun damage and collagen loss.

This treatment might be suitable for you if you have:

  • A pinchable layer of fat under your skin to allow anchorage of the threads in order to achieve lift.
  • Mild facial sagging without jowling to reduce nose to mouth and mouth to chin folds.
  • Moderate facial sagging with less than 2 cm of jowling below the jawline and all natural teeth are present, which are need to support skin structure. Additional dermal filler treatments to restore the foundation the skin that has been lost may be required.

Thread lift procedures can not correct issues associated with:

  • Excess skin.
  • Fat loss and volume in the face.
  • Bone loss from, disease, tooth loss, age, hormonal change.
  • The procedure does not correct lines and wrinkles, but a combination treatment plan using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers and be used to achieve the desired outcome.


After the application of local anaesthetic the threads are gently inserted under your skin before using them to reshape your skin to achieve the lifting effect.

No incision is required, as the thread is inserted using a fine needle. No stitches are required as the threads are held in place with absorbable cones oriented in opposite directions. One or more threads may be applied, depending on the desired outcome.

The procedure only takes 30-60 minutes. You will receive a complimentary review at 6 weeks to discuss your results.


Following thread placement you will have a series of needle marks on each side of the face which will remain visible for the rest of the day, but can be covered with makeup the next day.

Some patients experience minor bruising and swelling around the insertion points which resolve in 5-10 days and you may feel tender around the threads for up to 7 days.

Aftercare the procedure you should:

  • Sleep on your back for 3-5 nights.
  • Avoid sunbathing, tanning beds and contact sports for 14 days.
  • Avoid swimming pools, spas, saunas and dental surgery for 21 days.
  • Men should avoid shaving for 7 days.
  • You will not look your best immediately after treatment because of the ruching, dimpling, blanching and numbness from the procedure, but this will pass and we would recommend you take avoid work and social engagement for 24 hours after the procedure.


Thread lift procedures start from £400, although most procedures cost between £1,200 and £2,500 depending on the treatment plan and combination treatments such as dermal fillers to achieve your desired outcome.

from £

Treatment option


Face Lift
Check & Jowl Lift
Cheek Lift
Neck Lift
Brow Lift
Cat Eye Lift
Nose Lift

One treatment single £350
Three treatment package £290 per treatment £870
Six treatment package £230 per treatments £1380

The quantum light treatments prices are
One treatment £80 per single treatment 
Three treatment package 65£ per treatment £195
Six treatment package£ 50per treatment £300


Advanced light therapy treatment



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