This nutrient-rich injection has been available in Japan since the 1950s. It’s widely reported to benefit people of various ages and stages of life and in many wonderful ways. At Bove Medica, it takes only one injection, that’s how powerful the healing qualities of this popular treatment are. 


Skin elasticity, texture, and thickness
Osteoarthritis pain
Cartilage repair
Peri- and Menopausal symptoms
Joint flexibility
Immune system health
Sexual performance
Mental functioning
Heart health
Cell and tissue regeneration
Liver and kidney health

Mesocartin is one of the highest quality and most effective L-Carnitine products on the market. This is commonly used for weight loss, as a fat burner, to boost metabolism, increase brain function, and prevent disease. It uses your existing fat stores and increases your metabolism. This is a popular product among athletes looking to improve performance.  

Saxenda is for weight loss, pure and simple. Saxenda is a medicine that mimics a hunger regulating hormone already in your body. This means it reduces your hunger and when you eat, you feel satisfied faster. Saxenda is administered via painless daily injections you give yourself at home. This is an effective weight loss product for anyone looking to lose significant weight or even just to shift stubborn weight that hasn’t responded to diet and exercise.


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