Why Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin injections are popular for good reason. UK adults have ‘considerable gaps’ across a range of micronutrients. We are all busier than ever with social causes, work, family, and friends. So eating enough nutritious foods is a challenge. Unfortunately, taking over-the-counter vitamins in tablet form isn’t enough to supplement the shortfall.

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The good news is that you can access the vitamins you need by injection. Unlike tablets, vitamin injections bypass the gut so that the body’s cells have direct access to the nutrients they need for optimal functioning. 

This exciting, fast, and easy way of getting the nutrients you need means you can have more energy. Your skin and hair can look and feel healthier. Your gut will function better. You may sleep more soundly. There are many benefits. See below for more information on each vitamin injection. 

Antonio, the clinic director, is one of very few clinicians in Scotland licensed to advise on and administer vitamin injections. He will support you in your wellness goals and advise you on the best course of vitamins given your particular concerns. Book your appointment today.

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Our bodies don’t naturally produce B12. We get this important vitamin from eating animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs. You don’t have to eat much of any B12 source to get what your body needs. But you may be deficient if you’re vegan or vegetarian, if you have Crohn’s or celiac disease, if you’re over a certain age, or even if you’re taking supplements or medications that interfere with B12 absorption.

Signs Your B12 is Low:

Fatigue, weakness
Tingling and muscle weakness
Vision problems

Reported Benefits of B12:

More energy
Healthier skin, hair, and nails
Improved mood
Improved memory
Improved heart health
Bone health and prevention of osteoporosis
Reduces risk of macular degeneration

Biotin comes from food such as some animal products as well as sweet potatoes, avocados, and nuts and seeds. We need biotin for metabolic processes such as how our body uses fats and carbs as well as amino acids. It’s possible to become deficient in biotin particularly when pregnant, if you have type 2 diabetes, or are misusing alcohol. 

Signs Your Biotin is Low:

Nails that brittle
Thinning hair
Scaly skin on your face
Muscle pain
Abnormal heart rhythms

Reported Benefits of Biotin:

Increased energy
Improved mood
Skin smoothness
Improved skin hydration
Fingernail growth
Healthy hair and hair growth
Improved digestion
Healthy Metabolism
Pain relief
Heart health
Thyroid health

We all know Vitamin C. We can get it from citrus fruits as well as vegetables like broccoli and potatoes. It’s important for our immune systems, healing wounds and controlling infections. It also contributes to collagen production, bones, connective tissue, hormones, and much more. A severe deficiency in Vitamin C leads to scurvy, which is rare even for people whose diets are terrible. Even so, a mild deficiency is possible depending on your lifestyle and diet.

Signs Your Vitamin C is Low:

Extreme fatigue that is constant
Bleeding gums
Bruising easily
Severe joint pain
Feeling unrelenting sadness or irritability

Reported Benefits of Vitamin C:

Healthy skin
Healthy bones
Improved heart health
Reduced risk of infection
Reduced risk of illness
Reduction of blood clot risk

Glutathione is an antioxidant in your cells made up of amino acids. You don’t get this substance from foods although some foods may boost it. Glutathione is important for repairing damage caused to cells whether that’s from disease or pollutants. Even aging simply reduces available glutathione. As with anything, lifestyle, age, and diet influence our health and wellbeing; glutathione availability in our bodies is important to supporting and improving the body’s ability to recover and repair.

Signs Your Glutathione Levels are Low:

Poor sleep
Compromised immune system

Reported Benefits of Glutathione:

Rejuvenated skin
Better sleep
Increased energy
Decreased inflammation
Stronger hair and nails
Strengthened immune system
Clearer vision


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